The One-Hundred Word Eulogy

Since the Creation of the Universe,
God had decreed to Appoint,
This Great Faith-preaching man,
From the West He was born,
He received the Holy Scripture,
A Book of Thirty Part,
To guide all Creations,
Master of all Rulers,
Leader of Holy Ones,
With support from Above,
To protect His Nation,
With five daily prayers,
Silently hoping for Peace,
His heart toward Allah,
Empowering the Poor,
Saving them from Calamity,
Seeing through the Darkness,
Pulling souls and spirits,
Away from all wrongdoings
A mercy to the Worlds,
Traversing the Ancient Majestic Path,
Vanquishing away all evil,
His religion Pure and True,
The Noble and Great One.


Written by Hongwu Emperor of China (1368-1398)
Still Controversial.
Salam Al Muttahidah


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